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Protecting Your Investments and Your Customers

July 27, 2012

Take a look at this video and see if you can tell us what’s missing?

Bollards? Pipe guards? Safety for our customers – service stations – and their customers  – consumers – is our priority at Universal Valve. We are committed to helping you outfit your station with top of the line safety products at an affordable price.

While virtually every service station installs pipe guards at the pump, many neglect to protect their storefronts and garages with bollards. This puts customers and employees at great risk of injury from cars like the one in the video above. Our bollards and customizable bollard covers are perfect for preventing devastating accidents.


Breathe Easy with Universal Air Towers

July 10, 2012

Universal Valve’s built tough air tower is designed to withstand the elements and keep your customers’ wheels spinning.

For service station customers, there is nothing more frustrating than seeing an “Out of Order” sign anywhere at the station. When someone needs gas, air, oil or other services, they usually need them right that moment and customers want to find those services ready to go or they won’t return.

Since low tire pressure can be dangerous and also affects gas mileage, it is critical that air towers remain in working order. Universal’s air tower is designed to operate in any conditions including high heat and freezing temperatures. Its 25-foot weather resistant hose is convenient for customers and durable. We also offer all replacement and customizable parts including colors and graphics to suit your station’s needs.

The Universal Model 1975 Air Tower will keep you confident and your customers rolling back into your station time and again.

Save the Water for the Beach

July 6, 2012

During these hot summer days, the thought of a little water intrusion — maybe a dip in the pool, trip to the beach or a nice cold glass of water — is a pleasant one.

But when it comes to your service station sump, water is anything but friendly. You want to keep water OUTImage. As far away as possible even. Imagine having to shut your station down on a Friday in the summer? The business lost, perhaps for multiple days, would be staggering. That’s why you need the Retrofit Sump Cover from Universal Valve. We’ve been supplying service stations for 80 years and know exactly what it takes to keep your station running smoothly.

We promise “Zero Water Intrusion” with our Retrofit Sump. Our double-seal design truly eliminates water intrusion and keeps your sump dry. It installs in minutes, has a rugged steel ring cover for maximum strength and does not use unreliable glues or adhesives that can deteriorate quickly.

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