Save the Water for the Beach

During these hot summer days, the thought of a little water intrusion — maybe a dip in the pool, trip to the beach or a nice cold glass of water — is a pleasant one.

But when it comes to your service station sump, water is anything but friendly. You want to keep water OUTImage. As far away as possible even. Imagine having to shut your station down on a Friday in the summer? The business lost, perhaps for multiple days, would be staggering. That’s why you need the Retrofit Sump Cover from Universal Valve. We’ve been supplying service stations for 80 years and know exactly what it takes to keep your station running smoothly.

We promise “Zero Water Intrusion” with our Retrofit Sump. Our double-seal design truly eliminates water intrusion and keeps your sump dry. It installs in minutes, has a rugged steel ring cover for maximum strength and does not use unreliable glues or adhesives that can deteriorate quickly.

For more information, visit our website here or contact us at 800-223-0741


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