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BumperBoard Signs Grab Customer Attention

September 24, 2012

Universal Valve can help you increase profits by utilizing your existing space in a simple and affordable way. Our BumperBoard signs conveniently attach to standard bumper guards that you likely already have installed at your pump.

Our BumperBoards measure 44″ high by 28″ wide and feature epoxy coated steel frames and heavy duty spring clips. Let us customize your sign inserts with custom graphics, text and logos.

Why BumperBoard?
– Utilize existing space by mounting to standard bumper guard
– The average consumer takes six minutes to fuel their car — undivided attention
– Customer’s cant miss the promotional sign as they pull up to the pump
– Easy front-loading frame
– Rounded corners available
– Also available as a SlideBoard for use with bollard poles on island forms


Protect Your Investment with Hose Retrievers

September 19, 2012

A reliable hose retriever is one of the most critical parts of your gas pump system. Keeping your hoses securely on the the pump will prevent injury to customers and damage to your property.

Our hose retrievers prevent tangles and kinking and protect hoses from the excessive wear and damage that results when they are left on the ground. It also helps reduce the tripping hazard that can injure your customers and staff.

Why Universal’s Hose Retriever?
– Equipped with a heavy duty base that eliminates the need to break concrete and bury pipe
– Installs on a 2″ pipe and reaches up to 10’6″ tall
– Head permits 360-degree rotation for total service in any direction
– Rugged cast iron body and weights (20 lb counterweight) and heavy-duty base and side bracket included

Don’t forget to purchase a hose bun to complete the setup. Our hose buns securely hold hoses at the top of the pump and prevent tangling and kinking.

Universal Valve Co. Returns to PEI Convention

September 14, 2012

ELIZABETH, N.J. — Universal Valve Company will once again exhibit at the annual Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) convention held in conjunction with the NACS Show on October 7-10, 2012. The show will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nev.

PEI has merged with the National Association of Convenience Stores event to bring together both the fueling and convenience sides of the service station industry. Visit the Universal Valve Co. at Booth 4831 at PEI.

The Universal Valve Co. is celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2012, commemorating 80 years of innovative products for the service station industry. Universal provides for all the needs of service stations including valves, fittings, manholes, spill containment, signage and more. While Universal Valve has adapted to today’s technology with 24-hour service through its website, it still holds the values of quality and dependability established in 1932.

For more information on the Universal Valve Co., visit our website at

For details on the PEI show at NACS, visit



Gas Station Safety Tips

September 6, 2012

In the rush of day-to-day life, many of us don’t take enough time to practice good safety at the gas pump. While hurrying to fill up our tanks, we might not always pay heed to the warnings and proper procedures at the pump.

It takes just a few steps to make sure you are being safe when filling up your car such as:
Always turning off your engine
Never smoking near the pump
Using the proper octane for your car (see owner’s manual or ask your dealer if you aren’t sure)

One of the more recent trends has been the push to “Stop Static” at the pump. While some claim that cell phone usage during fueling can cause fires, that has not been proven at all. The main culprit is believed to be the static energy that builds when a person returns to their car after starting fueling and gets back out again. PEI, the national authority on fuel and fuel handling equipment, has an easy to understand article and video about static.

This article from Yahoo gives a great overview on the common causes of accidents at the pump how you can keep yourself and your family safe.