Gas Station Safety Tips

In the rush of day-to-day life, many of us don’t take enough time to practice good safety at the gas pump. While hurrying to fill up our tanks, we might not always pay heed to the warnings and proper procedures at the pump.

It takes just a few steps to make sure you are being safe when filling up your car such as:
Always turning off your engine
Never smoking near the pump
Using the proper octane for your car (see owner’s manual or ask your dealer if you aren’t sure)

One of the more recent trends has been the push to “Stop Static” at the pump. While some claim that cell phone usage during fueling can cause fires, that has not been proven at all. The main culprit is believed to be the static energy that builds when a person returns to their car after starting fueling and gets back out again. PEI, the national authority on fuel and fuel handling equipment, has an easy to understand article and video about static.

This article from Yahoo gives a great overview on the common causes of accidents at the pump how you can keep yourself and your family safe.


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