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Stay Safe During the Storm!

October 28, 2012

Since we are located in New Jersey, the Universal Valve team is very aware of the impending arrival of Hurricane Sandy. This is a serious storm and we hope all our readers and customers stay safe.

Fuel can be very important during a storm like this. It’s important to make sure that your cars have full tanks of gas in case you have to evacuate. Before the storm starts you should also have plenty of gasoline and propane for use in generators or gas grills in the event of a power outage. Also make sure that the outdoor property at your home and business is secure and safe — loose furniture or dead branches can quickly turn into projectiles in heavy wind!

Here are some great links to help you stay prepared:
New Jersey OEM Hurricane Prep
National FEMA Hurricane Prep

Good luck to anyone in the storm’s path! Stay safe and we look forward to continuing to serve your business.




Universal Has Successful Outing at NACS Convention

October 21, 2012

Earlier this month the Universal Valve team went west to Las Vegas to participate in the annual PEI Convention, now held in conjunction with the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) Convention.

Our booth at the 2012 PEI Show at the NACS Convention

The merger of PEI (Petroleum Equipment Institute) with NACS has made the annual convention a much larger affair and opened up some great opportunities for Universal to broaden our range of contacts. We made a lot of great new business leads and strengthened our existing relationships and friendships.

Held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the NACS Convention had a record number of attendees with 24,056, second-most all time. We were pleased to be among the 1,076 vendors

exhibiting at the event. This show was serious business!

The PEI portion of the show was particularly important to us and you can check out some video highlights and download presentations from the event here.

Manhole Covers for Your Every Need

October 9, 2012

Universal Valve stocks a complete line of manhole covers to fit in any space or location at your service station, industrial park or factory. Because uses vary, we offer multiple sizes and shapes including square and round, which are both available in standard or bolted rain tight. Our manhole covers are strong and never bend or wobble. We stand by our quality!

Our manholes come pre-assembled for ready to use convenience rather than knock down styles that require assembly prior to installation. Round covers feature convenient handles that lie flush with the ground surface to eliminate tripping hazards. Our galvanized skirts offer superior rust protection and a bottom concrete lock eliminates any loading onto the sump and tank caused by interference.

Square Standard (Part #67) or Square Rain Tight (Part #77)
– Pre-assembled
– No assembly at site required
– Cost efficient
– H-20 Load rating
– 3/8″ steel diamond plate cover
– 16 gauge galvanized steel skirt with 9″ depth

Round Standard (Part #68)
– Handle lies flush with surface
– Welded and reinforced for maximum strength and longevity
– Patented bottom flair locks in concrete
– H-20 Load rating
– Steel diamond plate cover

Round Rain Tight Gasketed (Part #78)
– Gasketed, bolted cover for total rain-tight service
– Handle lies flush with surface
– Welded and reinforced for maximum strength and longevity
– Patented bottom flair locks in concrete
– H-20 Load rating
– Steel diamond plate cover

Accidents Happen – Be Prepared

October 1, 2012

Universal Valve is proud to offer many products that will help your service station run more efficiently and safely. Given the human element of pumping gas into our vehicles, it’s possible that small spills will happen. And of course, occasionally, there are larger spills that require significant cleanup.

It’s important that service station owners do their best to contain and cleanup all spills, both to protect customers and staff and the environment. Universal Valve offers a complete line of spill response products, highlighted by our Ultimate 20 Gallon Emergency Spill Response Kit.

Our Spill Kit contains everything you need to contain and clean up spills, stored in a UN approved water and chemical resistant polyethylene container. It contains a variety of absorbent products such as Env Oil Sorbent pads and Slikwik Socs as well as protective gear including goggles and gloves. Our wide range of spill containment products can also be purchased separately.

Let us help you be prepared!