Accidents Happen – Be Prepared

Universal Valve is proud to offer many products that will help your service station run more efficiently and safely. Given the human element of pumping gas into our vehicles, it’s possible that small spills will happen. And of course, occasionally, there are larger spills that require significant cleanup.

It’s important that service station owners do their best to contain and cleanup all spills, both to protect customers and staff and the environment. Universal Valve offers a complete line of spill response products, highlighted by our Ultimate 20 Gallon Emergency Spill Response Kit.

Our Spill Kit contains everything you need to contain and clean up spills, stored in a UN approved water and chemical resistant polyethylene container. It contains a variety of absorbent products such as Env Oil Sorbent pads and Slikwik Socs as well as protective gear including goggles and gloves. Our wide range of spill containment products can also be purchased separately.

Let us help you be prepared!


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