Prevent Spills with Universal’s Remote Fill Box

Universal Valve Co.’s Pre-Piped Remote Fill Box is a critical accessory if you want to reduce instances of spills from refueling tanks at your service station. Our product number 1955, the Remote Fill Box is designed to constrain fuel spillage during above ground storage tank (AST) filling operations.
This fill box is pre-piped for easy installation and is available in two or three inch models. All come equipped with a pump to easily remove spilled fuel from the box itself, shutoff valve, fill adaptor, and caps that present overfills and spillage. It also comes with a built in lock for added security which protects from intruders and keeps unwanted debris from entering the fill box.

Made of durable stainless steel, this pre-piped remote fill box is critical in reducing the risk of fire, contamination and costly clean up a your station.


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