The Safest Safety Valve

Universal Valve Co’s safety valves are the most complete and longest-lasting on the market. Our valves come ready to install with no additional components required.

The Universal Valve Double Poppet Emergency Shut-Off Valve has the only three piece design in the industry, with two independent seals to increase safety while reducing future labor and replacement costs. There is no need to purchase expensive replacement poppet tops, meaning you could save over $300 per unit should you ever need to replace it.

And of course with safety as a priority, the Double Poppet Safety Valve is designed to immediately stop fuel flow in the event of fire or collision at the dispenser. This prevents fuel leakage into sumps and the addition of more fuel to a burning fire. With an upper and lower seal on the Double Poppet, this valve does not require draining before replacement and ensures a 100% liquid tight seal. The Double Poppet is zinc plated for maximum corrosion resistance.

You cannot afford not to invest in Universal’s safety valves — to keep your station, your staff and our customers safe.


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