The Universal Valve Tradition

At Universal Valve Company, Inc., quality is an integral part of every product and service we produce. It’s been that way since we began in 1932. A family business now in its second generation, Universal honors quality and commitment to our customers. At Universal, we honor our 80-year history but never stop moving forward and innovating.

You see it in every one of our products for the petroleum dispensing industry, such as service station valves and fittings, manholes, environmental products, and above ground tank fittings.

You see it in the ways we have adapted state-of-the-art information technology to provide you with new value added services. Our website provides 24-hour access to your account while all our products now come labeled with a UPC barcode compliant with PEI’s industry standards.

For 80 years, Universal has been at our industry’s leading edge in meeting changing customer needs. Innovation and customer service form the foundation of our 80-year quality heritage. At Universal, customer satisfaction isn’t merely a slogan‚Ķ it’s our heritage. It’s the goal of our every business relationship. It means Dependability. Availability. And always, Quality.


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